Scene 1:

Once upon a time, lived a beautiful peasant name Erica in a plain hut in the remote village beside the woods. The peasant was very happy although she was poor.  One day, the peasant waters her plants in her garden. Suddenly, she coughs badly. Then, she passes out. After that, Erica’s daughter name Clara come to the garden with a glass of water on her hand.

Clara: Mom? I bring a glass of water for……,

She so surprise because her mother has passed out. A glass of water on her hand falls to the ground. She runs to her mother, immediately.

Clara: Mom! Mom! Mom! What happened? Wake up, mom! Mom!


Scene 2:

       A week passed by. Erica lay down on the bed. Her daughter read a book not far from her. Then, Clara closes her book and put it on the table beside her.

Erica               : Clara, my daughter. Come here!

Clara               : Yes, mom. Do you feel fine?

Erica               : I doubt about that. It’s already two weeks since I passed out on our garden.

Clara               : Yes, I know. Why?

Erica               : You know that my condition has deteriorated recently.

Clara               : I know. But, I believe that you will fully recover soon.

Erica               : I don’t think so, Clara. I think that my time has come. (Look at the angel of death)

Clara               : What do you mean?

Erica               : Someday, if I die, you have to live alone. I believe you can do that. You can live alone happily.

Clara               : (shock) No, you won’t die. You’ll stay here by my side, mom.

Erica               : I wish I can.  (Smile) But…, (stop talk and close her eyes)

Clara               : Mom? Mom! Mom! Mom! No! No! Don’t leave me! Please, mom!

Scene 3:

Clara is sad. She has to live alone without her lovely mother. She cries loudly. She feels deeply sad.

Scene 4:

Meanwhile, in a luxury house. A beautiful young lady named Emilia lived. She wears luxury gown. Then, she walks around the room. Then, another girl named Stephanie comes in to the room. She looks angry. Suddenly, she slaps Emilia.

Emilia              : (shock. Hold her cheek with her hand) What…, What’s the matter, Stephanie? Why did you slap me?

Stephanie       : Don’t act like a fool.

Emilia              : What do you mean?

Stephanie       : I said don’t act like a fool.

Emilia              : What are you talking about?

Stephanie       : You betray me behind my back. Then, you act such an angel here. I’m fed up of you.

Emilia              : What I have done. I didn’t do any bad thing.

Stephanie       : My company, what have you done about it? You! You succeed make my company bankrupt. You already broke everything in my life! Are you happy, now?

Emilia              : What? I didn’t do a thing about it. Wait, bankrupt? How could it be?

Stephanie       : You such a great liar. Look at what you have done! You break everything! I hate you!

Emilia              : No! I didn’t make your company bankrupt!

Stephanie       : Liar! You are completely mad. You may break anything, anything but me!

Emilia              : But, I really truly didn’t do anything.

Stephanie       : I know. You act like you have no sin. I hate you!

Emilia              : Stop, shout me! (snap a finger on Stephanie)

Stephanie       : Don’t snap your finger on me!

Emilia              : I won’t do that if you are not out of line!

Stephanie       : Me? Out of line? You are the only one who out of line. I hate you. I regret for being your best friend. I don’t know you anymore. From now, we don’t know each other. We are not friends.

Emilia              : OK! So, get out from my house! Now!

Stephanie       : OK! (leave, angry)

Scene 5:

Emilia falls down to the floor. She put her hands over her face. Then, she sighed.

Emilia              : Oh, my God! That was not my fault. Why did Stephanie anger? (stand up)

Emilia sits on a chair beside a small table. On the small table, there is a letter. She takes the letter and opens it. Then she starts to read it.

Dear Ms. Emilia C. Dion,

With this letter and all of our regret, we have to tell you that one of your oil-tanker was drowned in 40° 6.80’ N latitude and 172° 23.84’ W longitude in the ocean pacific at 2.17 AM, last Monday. B-Key Corp, Alton Corp, and so on will sue us if we don’t compensate immediately. Total of their lost are £ 20,000. But, if we compensate their lost, perhaps we will bankrupt. Your finance adviser, Mr. Isaac J. Carson said that it would be better if we compensate them, gradually. The problem is we has time limit of one month. If we don’t compensate them in the end of this month, they will sue us and bring us to the jail. We need your finalization.

P.S. We still owe £ 50,000 to the bank.


Mr. Richard C. Forbes

Emilia              : (shock) what? My company was fine, yesterday. Why……, Oh, my God! (hold her head)

The letter is suffocating her. Then, she looks at the angel of death. She knows that her time has come. She holds her chest. Her heart beats faster. It beats more and more fast ‘till, it suddenly stop. Emilia falls down, death.

Scene 6:

Erica and Emilia, arrive in front of the gate of the heaven. Erica and Emilia amaze. The gate is so high and beautiful. Then, come two angels open the gate. The angels let Emilia in. But, apparently don’t see Erica. Then, they shut the door again.

Angel 1            : What’s your name?

Emilia              : My name is Emilia.

Angel 2           : Nice too meet you, Emilia!

Angel 1            : Yeah. Nice to meet you and welcome to the heaven!

Emilia              : (Amaze, happy) Wow!

Angel 2           : Enjoy the truly heavenly delight!

Angel 1            : (Hold the Angel 2’s hand. Sing)

Scene 7:

Then, after singing, they sit together on the cloud. They start to tell stories each other.

Angel 2           : How did the life feel?

Emilia              : Life is sucks. Then, I die. If everyone could be here anytime, I’ll be here everyday and every time. What a beautiful place. Can’t be find in another place.

Angel 1            : If you love been here, you may stay here.

Emilia              : Really?

Angel 2           : Yes, we can sing together forever.

Emilia              : Thank you.

Angel 1            : Don’t thank us. You must thank to God.

Emilia              : Yeah, God always help us.

Scene 8:

Erica hears the music and the song from the front of the gate. She becomes more interest with what is the heaven like.

Erica               : Oh, I think they are happy now. She definitely has been received all kinds of rejoicing.

At the length, all become quiet again. Suddenly, two angels come. They open the gate of heaven and let the peasant in. Erica was very happy.

Angel 2           : (Smile) You may enter the heaven, now.

Erica               : Oh, thank you. Thank you! (Happy. Run in to the heaven)

The peasant, however, expected that they would make music and sing when she goes in also. But, all remain quiet, very quiet. She was receives with a great affection, it is true, and the angels come to meet her. But, no one sing.

Erica               : (Stop, disappointed) How, how it is that you don’t sing for me?

Angel 2           : What do you mean? (confuse)

Erica               : Why you don’t sing for me as you had done when the rich woman went in?

Angel 1            : Oh, by no means, you are just a dear to us as anyone else. But…,

Erica               : But?

Angel 2           : Calm down. You will enjoy every heavenly delight that the rich woman enjoys. But…,

Angel 1            : But, poor fellows like you come to heaven everyday. Meanwhile, the rich woman like her does not come more than once in a hundred years.

Angel 2           : Dear……, Emmm, sorry what’s your name?

Erica               : Erica. My name is Erica.

Angel 2           : Erica, you have to know that heaven, it does not mean to be in a place where there’s no trouble, noise, or hard work. It means to be on the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (Smile)

Angel 1            : I wish you will always remember that. Then, I would like to say “welcome in the heaven”

Erica               : Wow! (Amaze)


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