Once upon a time fairy and human lived in harmony together. Mekhala, the beautiful and smart fairy, studied to great hermit, Shie. Another Mekhala, Shie also had a boy student, Ramasaur. Ramasaur always envy to fairy Mekhala caused Mekhala outwit him. But, Shie keep attached and never differentiate them.

One day Shie called them and said, “Tomorrow give me a goblet of dew. Who is the fastest to acquire it, he or she so lucky. Then I’ll change the dew become a gem. And the gem can grant any request.” Mekhala and Ramasaur dumbfounded. Ramasaur conceived he’ll ask for riches and glory. So, he can become the richest man in his land. But, Mekhala thought hard instead. To get a goblet of dew absolutely not an easy job, thought Mekhala.

Next morning, they already appear in the forest. A few minute later, Shie, Their teacher appeared and the competition began. Ramasaur took dew from leaves with his hands to his goblet. But, the dew always evaporated or spilled. Then, after he came to his goblet, his hand was empty. He tried hard to filled the goblet and beaten Mekhala hopelessly. Meanwhile, Mekhala was though hard last night and she got a bright idea. She took a cloth to absorbed dew and she wrung the cloth on her goblet. So, the dew filled the goblet slowly.

After midday, Shie called them. He asked them to give him their goblet. Shie look their dew. He look Ramasaur’s goblet was empty. Then, he look Mekhala’s goblet was full. He smile and took Mekhala’s goblet. He covered it with cloth and at the time the cloth opened, suddenly dew in he goblet changed into a green gem. The beautiful gem shone. Shie gave it to Mekhala. Ramasaur was angry and took the gem he ran away and threw the gem to the sea where everyone can’t get it.


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