As our car drove away, all I could do was look out the back window and wave goodbye to all that I was leaving behind. Nothing would ever be the same. Being taken from my parents at my age, 10, was quiet tragic thing to happen. I was being taken to an orphanage and from there I would be adopted, if I was one of the lucky ones. My name is Kathleen and I was taken from my parents because they both severe drinking and drug problems. My parents were beginning to abuse me. When I was alone at home one night I had a chance to call The Department of Child Services to let them know what was going on. A representative from The Department of Child Services came to the house with a police office to investigate and found beer bottles laid all over the house along with many illegal drugs. When they came I had bruises all over my body from being beaten two days before. When Richard, The Department of Child Services Representative, came to the door I knew it was going to be hard to leave my parents, but I knew they needed help and for my own good I needed to get out of there. The first things Richard said to me were that he was glad I called and that everything would be okay now that he’s here. The officer talked to my parent for a while and gave them their court date and I was taken into the kitchen with Richard so we could talk.

“So Kathleen you’re smart and courageous girl to call child services, you must not like it here,” started Richard.

“No like it here it’s just that I can’t take it anymore my parents are always out partying or hosting parties and always getting angry at me. It’s like I don’t have parents I have been taking care of myself for as long as I can remember  and I am just tired of it,” said Kathleen starting to tear up.

We left the room and Richard told me it was time to say goodbye to my parents and for I may never see them again but, I was so angry. I simply walked out the front door and ran into Richard’s car. Richard followed and asked me if I was ready to leave I simply nodded my head and we left.


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